environmental protection

La Mesa families thrive in open space and clean air and are willing to do their part to maintain the environmental integrity of the broader region. 

attainable housing

Everyone benefits from a market that provides safe and affordable housing options at all income levels. 

strong local economy

The whole city profits from robust economic growth where individuals can work in good-paying, quality jobs. 

leadership development

Civic leadership is everyone’s responsibility, beginning with an informed understanding of the issues – and of our neighbors’ views as well. 


La Mesa Conversations believes in the benefit of a La Mesa that works for everyone, from every corner of town, across the full spectrum of urban issues including:  


Smart land-use planning can preserve quality of life while looking toward future growth and development.

public safety

Everyone deserves to live in a safe place, where police and first responders enjoy the support and trust of the community.

transportation choices

Individuals benefit from robust transportation choices, including infrastructure to travel by driving, walking, biking, and through public transportation.